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Australian Labradoodles - Grooming


Australian Labradoodles are prone to ear infections because the hair in the ear canals doesn’t shed on its own and labradoodle ears are waxy. In order to keep air flowing beneath the ear, owners should trim the hair underneath the ear flaps and pluck the hair in the canal.   Labradoodles should also have their ears cleaned weekly with an ear cleaning solution that you can get from your vet.


Trim their nails, including the dew claw located a bit further up the leg.  A dog's vein system ends in their nails, it is referred to as the “quick”.  If you cut the nail too short it is possible to hit the quick and the dog can bleed severely.  Styptic powder works well to stop any bleeding so be sure to have some on hand.  Ask your vet to teach you how to clip your puppy’s’ nails properly before doing it yourself.  Black toenails are especially hard to judge where the vein is; whereas, in clear nails you can see where the quick ends. Be careful.

The hair between their foot pads will need to be trimmed.  Remember to check between their pads regularly for any debris that might have gotten lodged.  During the winter months when there is salt on the road, be sure to clean off their feet after a walk.


The different coats will require different amounts of care and grooming.

Hair: will need a quick brushing every few weeks depending on the density and length.  A light trimming might be required with scissors.

Fleece: This coat requires medium maintenance.  It can be scissored or clipped to a 2” length twice a year and then allowed to grow back to its long flowing length.

Wool: is easy to care for.  It will need a brushing every few weeks and will need to be clipped 3 times per year.

Fleece and Wool – the adult coat comes in around 10-14 months old.  Because the puppy coat doesn’t shed on its own, it will need to be stripped out or it will cause severe matting.  During this time of coat change, which could take anywhere from 1 to several weeks, it is recommended that the puppy receive daily grooming.


Buy a toothbrush and some doggy toothpaste and brush away!  If you start this routine when they are young, they’ll grow up to enjoy it.  You can also use a Dental Ring by Omega Paw, Greenies or just raw bones.  Keeping your dogs’ teeth clean is important for their health so find something that works for you and stick with it.


Some Labradoodles have goopy eyes.  I find that using non-alcoholic wipes (baby wipes) works great for cleaning under their eyes.

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